Alma florist's offers a wide assortment of potted flowers. In our florist's, you may find not only a year- round series of tropical flowers in pots, but also a wide range of Polish, seasonal potted plants. What complements our offer is a possibility to order potted plants of any size and kind.

We provide professional assistance with selecting potted flowers. We will match the flowers to the interior design, so that you may enjoy their beauty for as long as it is possible.

We also provide a wide range of flowerpots, ceramic flowerpots as well as extra large plant pots offered by most renowned companies such as Lechuza and Lamela. These plant pots are available in a variety of shapes and colours. They are also weather-resistant. Both Lechuza and Lamela provide sub-irrigation system adjusted to a certain planter. The system offered by Lechuza is an innovative solution. The plant pot equipped in self-watering system lets you forget about watering your plants for up to 12 weeks.